We may be nearing fall, but summer is still in full swing. Lounging by the pool, playing at the beach, or even mowing the lawn, your skin is at risk for sunburn. While SPF is vital to keeping your skin healthy and burn-free, sunburn can still occur. There are two key Intrinsics products you should have stocked this summer: X’Tra Thick Cotton Pads and Cotton-filled Gauze Wipes.

intrinsics products sunburn

Sunburn Care

Anyone who has ever experienced sunburn knows that aloe vera gel brings relief like no other. But imagine applying aloe with a soft, but extremely durable, cotton cloud. Yep, we’re referring to our X’Tra Thick Cotton Pads. This extra thick wash cloth pad features 100% medical grade cotton, so you can be assured your sunburn is getting the best care. The best thing about our X’Tra Thick Cotton Pads? Its 4x4” 2-ply construction opens to a 4x8” size, which means you are getting the most out of each pad. Don’t waste that aloe vera gel on your hands, use Intrinsics instead.


intrinsics products sunburn


Post-sunburn Care

After the burn has healed, dead skin cells begin to flake off; which makes your skin itchy and unsightly. Intrinsics Cotton-filled Gauze Wipes are ideal for getting rid of those pesky spots of dry skin. The gauze surface encases 100% pure, medical-grade cotton, making it gently abrasive and absorbent, with strong performance. With our Cotton-filled Gauze Wipes you don’t have to worry about being covered in cotton fuzz, because these super-star wipes are virtually non-linting. Let’s get to scrubbing!


intrinsics products sunburn

Sunburn is never a fun thing to deal with, but using the right products will help you heal faster and makes the process a little easier.

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