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Gauze Facial Mask: No Fuss, No Muss

Let's be honest: gauze facial masks don't look like much. (In fact, they're even a little creepy since they resemble a ghost costume for Halloween.) But our gauze facial masks are invaluable because they're time-savers for one of the most high-frequency treatments in professional spas and salons: facials.

Gauze Facial Masks: A Very Underrated Staple

Some professional spa and salon supplies just don't get the credit they deserve. But gauze facial masks make what could easily be a mess quite tidy. You lay them on a client's face, then simply apply your paraffin, mud, or clay. The gauze facial mask's secret? It allows the product applied to penetrate the skin, but in the end the mask hardens into one piece, and can be lifted right off. This is also a fabulous feature for those clients that have sensitive skin.

You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It

As we always say, we stand behind our products—even something as seemingly simple as a gauze facial mask. But we'd rather you hear it from one of our satisfied customers. In this case, Jennifer H., a licensed esthetician from Virginia, had some serious praise for this product:

I love the gauze facial mask! Your product is a must when working with any type of hardening mask. It works amazing with our Thermal Ice Hard Mask. The benefits of using a gauze mask with a hardening mask is that it allows the mask to be lifted off in one piece without sticking to your client's skin. It also will not absorb any of the product that is applied under the mask, which allows the skin to absorb 100% of the product. The end result will leave the client feeling ultra-hydrated. 

Last but not least, it allows for easier clean-up during and after a facial for estheticians. This aspect is key when you have services booked back-to-back and have limited time for clean-up. Having to pick-up small pieces of a hard mask that has crumbled is time-consuming and stressful when preparing for your next client. To eliminate this, I ALWAYS use your gauze mask under a hardening mask!

Experience the One-Piece Wonder for Facials

See? We weren't lying about all that time-saving, ease-of-use, and clean-up. And "always" is such a great word—especially when it's in all caps. Needless to say, next time you're stocking up on some professional spa staples, don't forget your gauze facial masks. They'll make you and your clients' lives easier.

Want to request a sample to see for yourself? Get in touch, and we'll get a gauze facial mask to you ASAP.

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