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All About the Eyes: Lashes + Brows

In the past few years, the beauty industry has been all about the eyes.

This includes eyelash lifts, tints, and extensions, as well as eyebrow microblading and waxing. These trends are still growing in popularity and will be for a while.


Our Pillowettes® are a favorite amongst beauty professionals for both before and after eye treatments.

Whether you’re a fan of the natural look or dramatic volume, lashes are always in style; they enhance your eye shape and color, while also allowing you to skip the mascara. Eyelash lifts and tints go hand-in-hand; this process involves curling the lashes with a gentle adhesive and then applying an perming solution to them. The tint process, which makes the lashes darker, is done with an eye-safe dye.

Lash extensions, however, are a different story. Applying is a meticulous process; each extension is applied to an individual lash. Talk about attention to detail!



Microblading is exactly what it sounds like: small cuts made in the skin and then filled with ink in the shape of hair. That may sound terrifying, but the microblading process is actually the same as that of a tattoo. Because these are individual strokes blended in with actual hair, the eyebrows look completely realistic.

What are some must-have microblading supplies? Find out here!  

We believe that waxing your eyebrows is a trend that will never fade. Which is why it’s important for a beauty professional to use the correct supplies for the best results. Hint, hint: Intrinsics Wax Strips®.


Which trend are you most likely to try? Let us know in the comment section or on social!

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