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Alternative Uses for Cotton-Tipped Applicators

Recently Elizabeth, one of our customer service reps, stumbled across this great article in cosmopolitan.com entitled "25 Life-Changing Ways to Use Q-Tips," and shared it with the entire staff here at Intrinsics. Honestly, we were stunned at some of these brilliant ideas, which focused on slick beauty tips as well as cleaning and storage uses. After some internal deliberation, we decided on our five favorite alternative uses, which you'll find below.

Who Needs Beauty Sleep?

Every woman has awakened with those heavy bags under her eyes. You know, the ones that make you look 20 years older than you really are. But by dipping a cotton-tipped applicator in eye cream and freezing it in a sandwich bag overnight, now you have a way to rid yourself of any puffiness first thing in the morning. Starting at the inner corners of your eyes, glide outward and feel the cool, calming relief.

Prefer a Flip-Top Box?

Let's be honest: Q-Tip packaging leaves much to be desired. By repurposing a Parmesan cheese can, you'll have quicker access to your cotton-tipped applicators. You can even decorate the cylinder if you'd like. While other storage methods were offered, we found this the most ingenious option (but for travel, we'd definitely roll with the old pill bottle idea).

Are Your Roots Showing?

Maybe you've just been too busy to schedule an appointment. Maybe your girl at the salon's schedule is booked. No matter the reason why you've slipped and allowed your true hair color to shine through, cotton-tipped applicators are once again here to save the day. By utilizing a Q-Tip dipped in eyeshadow that matches your hair color, you can buy yourself some time before receiving a proper dye job.

Into the Smoky Eye Look?

By tugging at the end of a Q-Tip, you can create the perfect tool for applying that smudgy, smoky eye look. Just dip your applicator in your favorite eyeshadow and, according to cosmopolitan.com, "apply the eyeshadow along the base of the lashes and up into the crease of your eye for an instant smoky eye."

Need a Bronzer Guideline?

By lining up an applicator with your cheekbone and following that line with an applicator dipped in bronzer, you can ensure proper placement. After creating your guideline, use another Q-Tip with the end slightly tufted to blend it in perfectly. Again, this is another idea we can't believe we've never thought of.

Have Any Other Tips?

Whether it's for cotton-tipped applicators or other professional spa and salon products, we always love hearing about creative uses estheticians and salon owners have come up with. Feel free to send them in. You never know—we might even share them here.

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