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A Solution to Chapped Lips

Imagine you’re cuddled up with a good book, a comfy sweater, and a steaming hot cup of tea. You go to sip your tea and realize, your lips are covered in dry skin! Winter is a great time for cozying up but the cold weather can be rough on your skin, especially the lips.

Balm First, Exfoliate Second

Chapped lips happen year round, but you must take extra care of them during the wintertime. When your lips are inflamed and sore, be sure not to exfoliate during this time because it will only bring more discomfort; use a lip balm instead. After your lips are chapped, the dead skin will start to peel. This is where exfoliation comes in handy!


Pictured: Intrinsics 12-Ply Gauze with Handmade Heroes Lip Scrub


Professional Products for Professional Results

Chap is essentially small cuts on the skin, therefore you’ll need a tool that is 100% sanitary when exfoliating. Intrinsics 12-Ply Gauze is medical-grade gauze made of pure cotton. You can’t get much more germ-proof than that; our gauze is more hygienic than a wash rag and more gentle than paper towel.

You may choose to do dry exfoliation, but for best results, use a lip scrub alongside the gauze. Lip scrubs are specially formulated to provide manual exfoliation, with ingredients like sugar, and includes moisturizing components, like coconut oil.


Do you use any other at-home remedies for chapped lips? Let us know in the comment section or on social!

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