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A Cotton Tip Applicators Appreciation Post

When it comes to professional spa and salon supplies, there are so many unsung heroes. Or heroines. Whatever. Though we’re just trying to be gender-neutral here, you get the point: certain sundries just don't get the spotlight as much as they should. And it's just not right.

Cotton tip applicators are one of those products. Like the kid on the playground that never gets picked to be on a team, cotton tip applicators are often forgotten, left to play alone and develop terrible self-esteem issues that carry into adulthood.

Okay, maybe it's not that bad. But still, the time's come for you to offer appropriate appreciation. This is a product that can be used for skin care, cosmetic applications, and nail touch-ups. At 6" long, and with a sturdy wooden handle, these puppies allow estheticians to reach those, well, hard-to-reach places.


Like with many of our products, the quality of cotton is bar none. Our tips are 100% medical-grade cotton. For a product like this, it just has to be medical-grade. That's not because it sounds so legit, but because you have to employ cotton of a high purity, and cotton that's crazy absorbent. No one wants a low-quality cotton tip applicator all up in their business. NO ONE.

So don't forget about this vital spa and salon mainstay. As we like to say, the difference is in the details. With cotton tip applicators, the difference starts with a tough handle that won't snap in your hands, and ends with high-quality Naturelle™ cotton tips that can get the job done.

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