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7 Helpful Tips to Help You Choose Quality Spa Products

On the surface, choosing quality seems simple. The problem with that viewpoint is that quality is often determined by who has the best marketing, and not necessarily the best product. Unfortunately, the best way to determine a product's worth is by using it yourself. It's no different when it comes to professional spa supplies.

What Makes for a Quality Spa Product?

Obviously there's only so much time in the day, and you can't try every product that's out on the market. However, we've pulled together a few guidelines that should help you rule out inferior options. Here are seven tips that matter when it comes to choosing the right spa and salon supplies for your business:

1. Check That Label

Much like with food, checking the ingredients of the products you use often tells the story. We've heard stories of  spa owners and estheticians assuming they're using 100% cotton products, only to find out that rayon is included, too. A simple label check can ensure that you're using premium products.

2. Understand the Process

Unfortunately with fiber processing, there's no label to make things easy on us. However, the label can still point you in the right direction. With most single-use spa supplies, this really comes down to fiber processing. Cotton has a much simpler and safer process than rayon. Once you've confirmed it's cotton, then you just want to ensure that a Totally Chlorine-Free process is used to create the purest products.

3. Try Trial and Error

Experimentation often leads to successful solutions. Within your spa, trying out different products will usually reveal the winners. There's a variety of ways to do this: choose a day to use different products on your colleagues, or conduct a product comparison test with a trusted client. The cream of the crop always rises to the top.

4. It's About Absorbency

Now the list shifts more toward spa product traits instead of straight-up research. With many treatments, absorbency is critical, especially when you're removing makeup or products from skin. Once again, cotton is the star here. Unlike rayon and polyester, cotton becomes stronger when wet, which provides a distinct advantage.

5. Demand Durability

That "stronger when wet" characteristic comes into play here as well. When we speak of durability with spa supplies, it's not about durability over time, but simply durability during treatment. A product that tears or rips will only embarrass an esthetician, and frustrate a customer. With premium products, this should never ever be a concern.

6. Keep It Very Sanitary

We've already discussed checking labels and understanding the process, so hopefully the importance of knowing what's in your products has been hammered home. However, some treatments demand an even higher level of sanitation—nail services come to mind. Using medical-grade cotton supplies helps avoid bacterial and fungal infections, and keeps your spa pristine.

7. Killer Customer Support

For spa products, customer service can come from a variety of places: a brick-and-mortar store, a distributor, or the manufacturers themselves. Killer customer support can come in a variety of forms: the ability to request samples, knowledgable staff that can answer your inquiries, the capability to handle large orders quickly, or even the opportunity to request customized products.

What's On the Line?

Every spa has its own specific preferences. Only an owner, along with her staff, can determine what best fits their clientele's needs. However, what's not up for debate is how having quality spa products has a huge impact on your reputation. With your customers, it's on the line with each treatment.

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