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4 Places to Find a Versatile Spa Product Line

A versatile spa line is invaluable. For spa and salon owners, having a one-stop shop for single-use supplies can make their lives a whole lot easier. Aside from that fact, a company that features a full line of products will typically be well-known and well-trusted; you can't build out a line of time-tested products overnight.

Of course, talking about a versatile line is easy. How do you find one? We think there's four solid ways to go about doing that.

1. Comb Through Beauty Supply Stores

Taking a stride through most beauty supply stores is one obvious way to uncover if a product line fits your bill. We're partial to SalonCentric and CosmoProf, and that's not just due to the fact that these storefronts carry our line. Both offer extensive selections of premier spa and salon supplies, and if their level of support for us is any indication, you're in for a wonderful customer service experience. Bonus: the beauty of brick and mortar is that a live person's right there to answer your questions, too.

2. Go Old School: Leaf Through a Catalog

While in today's green-gaga world catalogs are often frowned upon, they do still exist, and serve a definitive purpose for suppliers and customers alike. Universal and TNG are perfect examples of companies that do this extremely well. Plus, flipping through a catalog gives you singular and hands-on access to a ton of beautification information—and lets you feel like your parents back in the Sears, Roebuck & Company days, too.

3. Go New School (Online)

Obviously we live in The Information Age, so almost everything of all time can be found online. Many of our distributors have Amazon storefronts, for example. However, while living in the 21st century is convenient, online investigation doesn't provide as much information into one condensed place like our previous examples do. Of course, that's the beauty of web research: it rewards the patient and meticulous. If those two adjectives describe you, then you're in business. Have at it, and happy hunting.

4. Take a Road Trip

Trade shows and conferences provide an excellent opportunity to not only see a variety of suppliers, but also to test out their wares for yourself. If you're paying attention, we're always on the road, introducing our line to new and existing customers. Whether it's Premier, IECSC, ISSE, or ISPA, pack your bags to head and to a show, because you won't regret it (and you can keep an eye on our Events page to see our favorites).

We've worked hard to become a versatile supplier here at Intrinsics, so we understand the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to become a trusted name. It also takes strong partners—like the ones listed above—for a supplier to be successful. Whether you choose our spa supplies or another brand, we hope we've helped you get a good jump on looking in the right place.

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