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I Woke Up Like This: Natural Wake-up Remedies and Recipes

Rise and shine! Now that we’re all returning to our daily routines, whether that’s school or work (or a little bit of both), we’re all starting to start our days early again! Want to wake up fresh as a daisy? Check out some of these DIY remedies! They’re so easy, you could practically make them in your sleep! 

DIY Sleep Remedies

Homemade Deep Sleep Salve

Once we stumbled upon this Homemade Deep Sleep Salve from, we had to try it! This is a super fun recipe that will make your kitchen smell divine. Follow the ingredients and directions below to make: 


  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp grapeseed oil
  • 2 tbsp beeswax
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops cedarwood essential oil


  • In a heat-safe bowl in the microwave or double boiler over the stove, melt the coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and beeswax together.
  • Add in all the drops of essential oil and stir.
  • Pour the oil into a suitable container and allow to set.
  • Screw on the lid and store in a cool, dark place.

Try Magnesium

Thanks to this super helpful article from, we learned that troubles sleeping may actually be a result of a magnesium deficiency! Exposing your body to magnesium may help provide relief for restlessness and muscle cramps that keep us tossing and turning at night.


Marisa informed us that magnesium can be put into the body both internally (vitamins and supplements) and externally (bath bombs and transdermal magnesium therapy). Marisa at Bumble Bee Apothecary recommends that magnesium be applied topically, with a lotion or oil, for the best and most rapid results.


DIY Wake-up Remedies

DIY Essential Oil Wake-up Spray

A light mist in the morning actually sounds like a super-pleasant way to wake up and start your day! Especially if you hit snooze one-too-many times and don’t have much time left for to wake up at your own pace. Check out this ultra-simple recipe from you can make and use pretty much any time, anywhere: 



  1. Place ingredients in a glass spray bottle. Shake well before using. Spray into the air to start the day off right!

***A note from the author: Peppermint should be used only with children over 5.  Be sure that you don't spray it close enough to them that you get the spray in their eyes.***


DIY Coffee-Infused Eye Cream

We are living for this DIY Coffee-infused Eye Cream recipe! What’s almost as amazing as coffee you can drink? Coffee you can put on your skin! And since you’re making your own precious recipe, you’ll want to conserve it as long as possible! That’s where the Intrinsics Silken Wipes come in. Silken Wipes provide you with that soft, luxurious feel that your skin needs but its non-absorbent qualities will ensure that you are using only what you need out of your fabulous homemade product. Here is how you make it!


  • .5 oz. coffee infused oil
  • .25 oz. jojoba oil
  • .25 oz. rosehip seed oil
  • .75 oz. shea butter
  • .75 oz. cocoa butter
  • 1/2 mL (about 10 drops) lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops chamomile essential oil
  • 5 drops vitamin E oil


  • digital scale
  • utensils for stirring
  • graduated plastic transfer pipettes
  • double boiler or microwave
  • glass Pyrex measuring cup
  • 7-10 mL lip balm pots (or 2 oz. jar)


  1. Weigh out the shea and cocoa butter and place inside a glass Pyrex measuring cup.
  2. Heat either in a double boiler or in a microwave at 30% power until melted
  3. Weigh out the coffee infused oil, rose hip seed oil and the jojoba oil. Stir into the melted butters.
  4. Using a fresh transfer pipette for each essential oil, measure and add the chamomile and lavender essential oils. Mix to combine.
  5. Finally add vitamin E and pour evenly into 7-10 mL lip balm pots or one 2 oz. jar.


Let’s wake up, smell the coffee and get started with some of these Natural Wake-up Remedies and Recipes. Which one will you choose first? Let us know on social

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