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Spotlight On: Jeffrey and Neil Boss of Boss Beauty Supply

If there is such a thing as cosmetology and spa paradise,

Boss Beauty Supply is it.


Boss is a single-stop source forsalon towels, apparel, waxes, nail dryers and sundries, and name brands like TIGI Pro, Wella, Clairol, Conair, Ardell, Master Barber, and Intrinsics.

We had the opportunity to ask Jeffrey Boss, company president, and Neil Boss, vice pres., some questions about Boss Beauty Supply and their experiences as professional beauty supply distributors.

Jeffrey and Neil Boss


Q: Tell us about the history of Boss Beauty Supply.

A: We have been providing towels, apparel, and other supplies to the salon and spa industry since 1993. In 2015, we acquired Cameo Beauty Supply, enabling us to offer our customers significantly more items, as well as lower prices.


Q: What’s an average day like working in the wholesale beauty industry?

A: Every day in our industry is unique. Whether it be working with a customer, helping them find the right products for their salon, to making sure all orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible. You can never be sure what the next day will bring.


Q: How long have you been partnered with Intrinsics?

A: Our relationship with Intrinsics goes back almost 20 years to the days of Carolina Cotton.

intrinsics inventory

Fully stocked Intrinsics inventory at Boss Beauty Supply! Oh my!


Q: What do you think sets Intrinsics apart from competitors?

A: Intrinsics takes pride in offering quality, professional single-use supplies to the industry, I cannot remember having any customers complain about an Intrinsics product, which is truly remarkable. The team at Intrinsics is second to none.


Q: Which Intrinsics products do you see heading out the door most?

A: The most popular Intrinsics products are the wipes: from the Cotton Naturelles™ to the Large Silken Wipes. We also sell a lot of Cotton Balls, Roll Cotton, Cotton Coils, and Wax Strips.


intrinsics inventory2

Boxes on boxes of Intrinsics! An esthetician’s dream.


Q: What are the values that Boss Beauty Supply adheres to?

A: We value our customers and know that they are the reason we are in business. We offer quality products and great prices. Boss Beauty Supply has a large in-stock inventory, allowing us to ship most orders within 24 hours with a 99.9% fulfillment rate. This ensures that we have the items salons want, when they want them, and at the best possible prices.

We pride ourselves on offering quality service and low prices, without any minimum purchase requirement. We are family owned and operated, primarily selling through catalogs, quarterly flyers, regular promotions, and on our website. When you call Boss Beauty, you speak to a person, not a machine.

Boss Beauty Supply staff


Q: What’s your favorite part of working at Boss Beauty Supply?

A: Boss Beauty Supply is a great place to work. The company is small enough that every employee has an important impact on our operations. The work environment is casual and flexible. Employees are given a great deal of autonomy allowing them to do what it takes to get the job done.


Q: What are some of the new beauty trends that you’re absolutely loving?

A: We love the trend towards using more vibrant hair colors and new application techniques. Pastel colors are continuing to be huge in salons and on social media.


Q: What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?

A: I enjoy a full body massage, preferably ocean-side in a tropic environment! A lot of our employees enjoy a new haircut, mani/pedi, or a fresh brow wax.

NW Nail Retreat 2017 Q+A

Best. Weekend. Ever!

The Northwest Nail Tech Retreat, also known as #NailCamp, is the first of its kind.

Imagine a weekend retreat where you are able to spend the entire time focused on practicing your craft, learning new things, and meeting people with similar interests.

The 2017 NW Nail Retreat is tucked away in the beautiful Camp Burton of Vashon Island, WA, where 144 lucky nail artists are surrounded by nature, friends, and NAILS. The event takes place October 13-16th, allowing nail technicians a fun-filled four day weekend. Not surprisingly, the tickets for the 2017 retreat sold out very quickly! With a ticket, each tech has access to a wide variety of professional-led classes and workshops, cabin lodging, and all-inclusive meals. Nail Camp may be held in the Northwest corner of the US, but techs from all over the country, as well as internationally, attend this retreat.

2017 nw nail tech retreat

We got a chance to sit down and talk more about Nail Camp with one of its founders, Jess Briarmoon. After attending many nail shows and workshops, Briarmoon and her friend Ellen Torchia noticed that other attendees were struggling to afford dinner due to attendance expenses. “We decided there needed to be an event where people didn’t have to worry about their meals or where to stay.” says Briarmoon, “The event is all inclusive, aside from a couple of optional workshops that are for instructors to try to earn back some of their expenses.

In addition to food and lodging, NW Nail Retreat includes:

  • Five 60 minute classes
  • One 3-hour workshop
  • Two 5-hour workshops

Classes are available to nail techs of any skill set. “We wanted a class schedule that was more like college, where you can pick which things you want to see and learn a ton over the weekend. So we found an actual camp and created Nail Camp!” Briarmoon stated.

2017 nw nail tech retreat

2015 NW Nail Tech Retreat attendees with their SWAG Bags!


Each ticket also includes the gift of a SWAG Bag. This gift bag containing over $400 worth of professional spa products and other goodies, is worth the ticket price alone. High quality cotton products from Intrinsics will be part of this bag, including our Pillowettes, Gentle Cleansing Towels, and Lint-free Nail Wipes. Briarmoon’s favorite Intrinsics product is the Toe Rope because she can use as much (or as little cotton) as she needs. She also uses Intrinsics for her client’s safety, “Sometimes clients have allergies and natural, purified cotton helps eliminate that worry.

2017 nw nail tech retreat

Some examples of classes are Sculpturing, Nail Art, Fantasy Art, Manicuring, Massage, and Pedicuring. The camp offers business courses like “Is Your Price Right?”, which allows nail techs to properly price their professional services. Nail Camp also hosts cash prize raffles, games, and competitions throughout the 4-day weekend. Notable nail techs and NailPro Cup champions serve as judges.

2017 nw nail tech retreat


Briarmoon says every tech should be at Nail Camp because, It’s an amazing event like no other, with 4 days full of nails, classes, competitions, and fun! The education, friendship, and style that the camp has taken on is like no other event in the industry.

2017 nw nail tech retreat

NW Nail Retreat organizers offer a full-ride scholarship every year. It is given in honor of their fellow founder, nail artist, and friend, Vicki Peters. They remember her as a kind spirit who helped establish the camp, but also someone would cheer others on and always offer help at no cost.

Must-Have Microblading Supplies

One of the newest trends in the beauty world is microblading.

A form of semi-permanent tattooing, microblading gives those with sparse eyebrows a fuller look. Although the idea of tattooing your face might sound extreme, microblading offers pleasing results as long as the esthetician is trained correctly and using the right supplies.

Here are the basic supplies you will need to begin microblading. And don’t forget clean up! Intrinsics 2x2 Cotton Wipes and Vinyl Gloves are essential to the microblading process.

Pen: Your microblading pen is what will hold the various types of blades. Make sure your pen has a good grip to ensure smooth strokes and easy handling.

microblading pen

Blades: There are a variety of blades that achieve different hair strokes. You want to have a good selection at hand to customize each client’s treatments, but there are two main types of blades you need be aware of:

  • Hard Blade: For bold strokes, a hard blade is best handled by an experienced microblader because ink tends to sink deeper into the skin with less pressure.
  • Classic Flexible Blade: This is ideal for all skin types, but work really well with thin or aged skin.  With this blade, you get softer strokes.

Pigment: As your client list grows, you’ll want to have a large enough assortment of colors to suit a variety of skin types.

With any salon or spa procedure, clean-up is always necessary, but those supplies are also incredibly important. You don’t want to compromise a top-notch job with stray lint or excess ink that wasn’t picked up.

Intrinsics Vinyl Gloves are powder free and latex free, making it ideal for clients with sensitive skin. They also come in four different sizes.

vinyl gloves

Intrinsics 2x2 Cotton Wipes are great for removing product due to their absorbent and gentle nature.

cotton wipes


Find both products on our website to assist you as you start your journey into microblading. Still interested in learning more about microblading? Check out this great video tutorial!


Spotlight on Marlo Beauty Supply

In an effort to help our customers understand more about Intrinsics, we thought that highlighting some of the wonderful people we work with would be a great way to give you an insider look. Below, Ingmar Korstanje, President of Marlo Beauty Supply, talks about our long partnership, changes in the beauty industry, and company values in this month's interview. Enjoy!

marlo beauty supply logo
Tell us about the history of Marlo Beauty Supply.
We have been in business over 35 years. We started with professional stores in the 80s and added direct/online marketing in the late 1990s. In 2007 we sold our store division so we could completely focus on becoming a national distributor selling to professionals across the USA. We are family owned and operated with an amazing team helping us build one customer as a time.

What's an average day like working in the wholesale beauty industry?
The only constant is change. No day is average. Beauty Professionals are some of the hardest working people in business - they have long hours, physical careers, and most are small business owners. We come to work everyday prepared to help our customers succeed in their trade and business.

When you're surrounded by so many beauty products, how do you choose which ones to incorporate into your personal routine?
We're fortunate to work with many manufacturers who have been in the business as long as we have. Zotos/Shiseido, Wella, American International, Fromm, Intrinsics/Barnhardt, and more - we get a LOT of great samples of new items to try!

How long have you been partnered with Intrinsics Naturally?
We have represented Intrinsics for decades. The brand is the leader for spa related products and is the gold standard among skin and nail professionals.

What do you think sets Intrinsics apart from competitors?
Intrinsics, like us, is family owned and operated. They work extremely hard to understand what their products need to do for the customers using them. Their factory is on site with their sales and marketing offices - we've toured the plant - it's amazing what the people at Intrinsics knows about cotton, cotton fiber, and the end products they turn them into.

Which Intrinsics products do you see heading out the door most often?
We sell a lot of boxed cotton, cotton rounds, and cotton wipes!
marlo beauty supply warehouse

What's your favorite part of working at Marlo Beauty Supply?
Supporting our team who in turn supports tens of thousands of beauty professionals - on an average week we will ship to salons, spas, and barbershops in over 40 different states. Knowing we are supporting 1000s of small business owners and their families is very rewarding to us.

What are the values that Marlo Beauty adheres to?
We are here to help other succeed in business. Honestly, loyalty and focused on always improving.

What are some of the new beauty trends that you're absolutely loving?
Honestly, we are enjoying how beauty professionals are becoming more and more educated on how to run a great business.  Learning how to sign smart leases and market their businesses with social media, continuing education, and learning new trends themselves to offer to their clients.

What are some of areas of the beauty industry experiencing growth right now?
Waxing services, lash/brow services, and color color color.

What's your favorite way to pamper yourself?
Well, for me, that would be a proper shave. For my colleagues, it would likely be a different service!

The Manicures Every Client Will Be Asking For This Spring

Spring and summer are all about having fun so it’s only appropriate that manicures match the attitude, right? We’ve rounded up some of spring’s hottest trends that clients will surely be asking for as the weather continues to warm up.


Let your fingers shine bright like the sun!

Metallic manicures(@bangbangnails/@cassmariebeauty)

High Impact

Whether it’s bold colors, geometric patterns, or both, this manicure is the life of the party.

high impact manicure(@misspopnails/@nailallie)

Earth Tones

Take a cue from Mother Nature with a muted shade that says “relax.”

earth tone manicure(@so_nailicious/@laurenslist)


Take your favorite shade, add a matte top coat, and admire the transformation.

matte manicure(@cndworld/@karengnails)


What could be more spring than pastels? Modernize sweet colors by giving them a graphic punch.

pastel manicure
(@bonjourzoe wearing @tenoverten/@wahnails by @anouskaanastasia)

Whether you’re testing out these trends on yourself or tending to your favorite client, your focus should be on your art, not your tools. Your tools need to be reliable each and every time, which is why we only make, quality durable disposable products.

From our Intrinsics Pillowettes to Intrinsics Nail Tech’s Choice, our products perform the way they’re supposed to, making your job easier and your clients happy.

Find all of our top-notch nail supplies on our website.


Beauty Treatments for Every Mom

For some one mom, going to the spa is a regular activity. For another, it’s completely out of the ordinary. That doesn’t mean she dislikes getting pampered. To really show her that you’re paying attention, get her a spa service that relates to her favorite activities.


Does your mom spend her afternoons digging in the dirt?

Gardener Mom

Gift Idea: Facial

If the garden is bountiful and the flowers are blooming, your mom is probably spending a lot of time outdoors. Even if she’s wearing SPF, her skin is subject to humidity, sweat, and wind. Not only will a facial help get rid of pore-clogging dead skin, it will leave her as fresh as a flower after a spring rain.


Is “one more page” an everyday saying for your mother?

Reader Mom

Gift Idea: Massage

For the mom who stays up into the wee hours of the night to get to the end of her whodunit novel, a massage is the ideal gift. Curled up with a book always sounds good, but after hours of looking at the page, her neck is likely getting sore. A massage will help work out any knots and improve posture.


Does your mom wake up at 5am for a run?

Runner Mom

Gift Idea: Hair Treatment at favorite Salon

Nobody works out with their hair down. All those ponytails can take a toll, causing split ends, overall breakage, and drying out the hair follicles. To remedy this, schedule a deep conditioning treatment, which will help restore the hair back to its natural luster. Just make sure the appointment is after her workout.


Is your mom always hard at work on her next project?

Crafter Mom

Gift Idea: Manicure & Pedicure

Whether she’s a painter, knitter, or jewelry maker, moms who craft always have a vision, but it might not necessarily include a day at the salon. Book a manicure and hand massage for your mom to treat her tired fingers, and remind her that a good manicure is an artform of its own!

Still don’t think you can convince your mom to set foot into a spa? Try a DIY beauty day with her. You can pick up all the single use products you’ll need like the Intrinsics Pre-Cut Gauze Facials Masks or our new Gel Nail Wipes at your local beauty supplier in addition to everything else.


Happy Mother’s Day from the Intrinsics team!


Spa Treatment Ideas For Brides & Their Bridal Parties

spa treatment ideas for brides and their bridal parties

Weddings are a special time that require more than just your run of the mill treatments. If you are a bride to be, or if you are helping out as a bridesmaid or maid of honor, it's a good idea to start planning your wedding party spa and salon treatments ahead of time. What's great about these ideas is that you can turn them into festive events that are fun and celebratory while you are getting pampered and prepped.

Here are some great ideas to get you started: Read the rest of this entry »

10 Must Have Nail Technician Supplies For Your Salon

nail technician supplies

If you are just starting out with a salon or your own nail salon business, it's important to know your supplies. While much of your job involves talent and training, you should never underestimate the importance of quality supplies. Even with skills, if your supplies fall short, so will your outcomes. Any type of salon or spa business is highly reliant on your reputation. Happy clients come back to the same salon again and again. Happy clients tell their friends and family when they love your service -- and when they don't. So it's important that you start out with the best supplies, and that you have everything you need to do the best work possible. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Must Have Professional Pedicure Tools & Supplies

professional pedicure tools

So what are the supplies needed most for running your pedicure and manicure business? This is a good question. You need to have a pretty extensive list of products and supplies in order to offer your services. Some you will use more than others. Quality professional pedicure tools are an essential element of your business. There are tools that you will use every single day, and others you will use less often. Some tools will last you a long time, while others are disposable supplies you will go through quickly.

Regardless of the supplies you use, quality is important. If you are just starting out, you may try different brands of certain items until you find your favorites. Here are the 10 most important professional pedicure tools to have on hand at your nail salon: Read the rest of this entry »

Common Hair Dye Supplies That Every Salon and Stylist Should Have

hair dye supplies

The want to look and feel attractive is an enduring human desire, so it’s not surprising that the beauty industry in the United States generated over $56 billion in revenue in 2015, and it continues to grow – in 2016 salon retail sales and services have grown by 3%, generating +$60 billion. With hair care leading as the largest industry segment, opening a salon is an enticing business option for entrepreneurs with a passion for beauty and hair styling. Read the rest of this entry »

Sweet Summertime Nails


It’s time to get those fingers on point because summer is almost here. That means ditching the deep dark colors of fall and amping up the fun! We’ve been keeping an eye on the runways to find the trends that we think are going to be as hot as the temperatures. When it comes to 2016 summer colors, there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Bright & Bold

If you want your nails to get noticed, consider opting for bright colors. Make a statement with a bold blue as seen below, but don’t be afraid to mix it up. We’re loving the rainbow manicure!

photos: via /via

Our friends at In the Gloss also has a wonderful round-up of The Best Neon Nail Polish if you’re looking for more options. Some of our favorites are below:

Nude & Neutral

If you tend to go a little bit longer between manicures than you should, a classic nude color might be your best friend. No one is going to a tiny chip here and there and these colors are great for lengthening your fingers.

photos: via/via/via

Shimmer & Shine

However you choose to shine is perfectly fine this season. Whether you choose to opt for a pearlescent color like top YSL Peace Green, gold flake your natural nails, or add silver stripes you really can’t go wrong.

photos: via/via/via

Other trending techniques we noticed include putting a twist on the classic French manicure and the matte nail.


photos: via



The Truth About Single-Use Products

brow waxing strips

When you first hear the term "single-use," it obviously seems wasteful, at least on paper. While it's no secret that modern life leads to significant waste, certain scenarios demand a product that can only be used once. As painful as it may be to contribute to our ever-growing landfills, the cost of business typically leads to some form of waste. Read the rest of this entry »

Five Customer Service Tips for Spas and Salons

beauty salon

The devil, as they say, is in the details. No matter your industry, making the lives of your customers easier and offering consistently stellar service is a great way to find new customers and keep them. There are a variety of small steps spa and salon owners can take to ensure that they're providing their customers with a superior experience. While we figure some of you are already all over these tips, it still never hurts to be reminded.

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This Summer’s Hottest Nail Trends

Since it's July, right smack dab in the middle of summer, it only makes sense to discuss some of the hot nail trends that are making the rounds. One of our favorite sites, Nail Art 101, does a great job of explaining the trends, along with do-it-yourself techniques to help you pull them off. (Of course, we mean pull off the look, not the nails themselves. Um, sorry.) Read the rest of this entry »

ISPA’s Big Five Statistics: Looking at the Latest Numbers

We love the International SPA Association (ISPA) for a variety of reasons, but one of our favorite reasons is that they take the time to provide our industry with hard data. Every year they release "The Big Five Statistics," which takes a true pulse of the spa industry. This is not only a valuable compass for spa owners, but for companies like us who provide said spas with the professional supplies they need to get the job done. This year's stats show that the spa industry is growing—which means it's only getting more competitive. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Run an Effective Spa Referral Program

Hair salon

Though referral programs are a great way to create new business for your spa, we're always shocked at how few businesses are committed to the practice. Your most loyal customers are your evangelists—if you give them the opportunity to sing your praises, they typically will. Building out an effective referral program can go a long way toward building a stronger client base.
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How Spa Owners Can Showcase Their Product Knowledge

Intrinsics Salon Products

Most spa owners, along with their estheticians, have extensive product knowledge. The professional spa and salon products they use every day are a testament to this fact. However, do your clients know how deep that knowledge base really is? It's your job to ensure that they do. Being proactive in your approach can ensure that your clients appreciate your product expertise. It could also lead to more business; your clients that currently come for one kind of treatment will also gain a better understanding of the full breadth of your services.
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Spa and Salon Products: Cotton or Rayon?

cotton field

One of our most popular posts on our parent company's blog is regarding cotton vs. rayon, a discussion that certainly applies to the beauty industry. For a more technical breakdown, you can certainly head on over to that blog to check out the rayon vs cotton installment of the "Know Your Fibers" series.

Today, we'll specifically discuss some of the advantages that cotton salon products have over rayon products when to comes to performance. Warning: we're going to have to go a little Mr. Wizard on you today, so put on your science hat for just a few minutes.

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5 Tips To Consider When Choosing Spa Products For Your Customers

Intrinsics Salon Products

Spa owners, along with their estheticians, should be product experts. Experience, along with a willingness to stay on top of industry innovations, plays into the spa and salon catalog that lives exclusively in your head. The beauty of this personal inventory that lives within your brain is that it's probably different from anyone else's. Important note: that's a good thing.

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Simple Spa Marketing Tactics That Win Customers

Intrinsics Skin Care Kit

To retain customers, creating an exceptional customer experience is paramount. This takes an expert staff that uses premier products, and a salon or spa space that comes across as professional yet relaxing. However, retention efforts must be balanced with a steady effort to entice new customers, too. The good news? There are a variety of simple marketing strategies that you can employ to achieve both of these critical goals.

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