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Intrinsics Salon Products

How to Find Intrinsics Products

While many of our longstanding customers know where to find our professional spa and salon supplies, it’s come to our attention that many of our newer customers might not. Of course, you might have just stumbled across this blog post in cyberspace and this is the first time you’re even hearing about us. No matter […]

NABBA Recap 2015

Last month, Sales & Marketing Director Dave Albers along with 155 barbers, barber shop owners, barber board members, cosmetologists, and barber school instructors –attended the National Association of Barber Boards of America (NABBA) 89th annual conference in Phoenix. Currently, 440,000 barbers work in 41,340 barber shops across the US, amounting to one barber for every 840 […]

single cotton swabs

Alternative Uses for Cotton-Tipped Applicators

Recently Elizabeth, one of our customer service reps, stumbled across this great article in entitled “25 Life-Changing Ways to Use Q-Tips,” and shared it with the entire staff here at Intrinsics. Honestly, we were stunned at some of these brilliant ideas, which focused on slick beauty tips as well as cleaning and storage uses. […]

Premier Recap

As many of our loyal readers already know, Premiere Orlando/Premiere DAYSPA® is a tradeshow for the professional beauty industry, one where licensed professionals connect with manufacturers and distributors of hair, nail, and skin care products. But maybe you didn’t know that it’s actually the largest beauty show in the United States. With over 650 classes offered […]

single cotton swabs

A Cotton Tip Applicators Appreciation Post

When it comes to professional spa and salon supplies, there are so many unsung heroes. Or heroines. Whatever. Though we’re just trying to be gender-neutral here, you get the point: certain sundries just don’t get the spotlight as much as they should. And it’s just not right.

June Promotions: Prep Clients for Beach Time

With June comes the official start of summer. And summer is one of the busiest times of the year for estheticians, as clients are heavily reliant on you to make them beach-ready. Mani/Pedi? Check. Wax job? Check. Skin prepped for sun? Check. Without the spa and salon industry, things would be dire out there. There’s a reason beautification is […]

cleansing towel

GCT’s Cotton to the Core

Our Gentle Cleansing Towels are one of our most popular products. While it’s possible this is in part due to its soothing name—who would ever buy a Violent Cleansing Towel, right?—we think it probably has more to do with its versatility, as well as the wonder fiber it’s made of.

Intrinsics Salon Products

How Spa Owners Can Showcase Their Product Knowledge

Most spa owners, along with their estheticians, have extensive product knowledge. The professional spa and salon products they use every day are a testament to this fact. However, do your clients know how deep that knowledge base really is? It’s your job to ensure that they do. Being proactive in your approach can ensure that […]

cotton field

Spa and Salon Products: Cotton or Rayon?

One of our most popular posts on our parent company’s blog is regarding cotton vs. rayon, a discussion that certainly applies to the beauty industry. For a more technical breakdown, you can certainly head on over to that blog to check out the rayon vs cotton installment of the “Know Your Fibers” series. Today, we’ll specifically discuss some […]

employee appreciation day

Bundle Your Spa Services for Employee Appreciation Day

In this space we often discuss holidays—like Valentine’s Day—that present prime marketing opportunities to raise awareness for your spa or salon, and to broaden your client base. Today we’re going to discuss one you might not have thought of before. The beauty of this option is that it gives you the ideal chance to connect […]

Intrinsics Salon Products

Go Green: 8 Environmentally Friendly Spa Products Your Business Needs

So we’re guessing this won’t come completely as a surprise: cotton has many green advantages, especially over fiber peers like bamboo and rayon. Ground zero for that fact is in how they’re processed. Cotton’s Total Chlorine-Free process—think of it as “oxygen bleaching” using hydrogen peroxide—is environmentally friendly, while the process for bamboo and rayon is […]

Choosing quality spa products

7 Helpful Tips to Help You Choose Quality Spa Products

On the surface, choosing quality seems simple. The problem with that viewpoint is that quality is often determined by who has the best marketing, and not necessarily the best product. Unfortunately, the best way to determine a product’s worth is by using it yourself. It’s no different when it comes to professional spa supplies.

Gauze Facial Mask

Gauze Facial Mask: No Fuss, No Muss

Let’s be honest: gauze facial masks don’t look like much. (In fact, they’re even a little creepy since they resemble a ghost costume for Halloween.) But our gauze facial masks are invaluable because they’re time-savers for one of the most high-frequency treatments in professional spas and salons: facials.

Cotton Balls

Our Surprising Top Secret To Choosing Quality Spa Products

Some things in life you just can’t cheap out on. Buying a tall boy PBR might grant you hipster street cred, but it just doesn’t taste all that great. An economical pair of heels might get you through one or two hot dates, but then when that heel snaps off a month later, you’re right […]

Hair salon

4 Places to Find a Versatile Spa Product Line

A versatile spa line is invaluable. For spa and salon owners, having a one-stop shop for single-use supplies can make their lives a whole lot easier. Aside from that fact, a company that features a full line of products will typically be well-known and well-trusted; you can’t build out a line of time-tested products overnight.

Total Chlorine Free

What the “Bleached” in Bleached Cotton Really Means

If you’ve been reading closely, we’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of bleached cotton in professional spa and salon products. We know “bleached” can carry with it some negative connotations. However, bleached cotton is not only an important industry term, it’s also found in many cotton-related single-use supplies. The key is understanding what “bleached” really means—which means digging in […]


Guest Blogger: Dani Lazaro, Makeup Artist

As much as I hate to give away my age (HELLO! Girl-Code No-No!), I will admit to having been a professional makeup artist for 20 years now. It’s an incredible career for an artistic people person like myself. Since finishing makeup school in 1994, I have had the pleasure of watching the cosmetics market explode […]

X'tra Thick Cotton Pad

Our X’traordinary Cotton Pads And Bands

On the surface, cotton pads and bands probably sound pretty boring. But any esthetician worth his or her salt will tell you they’re invaluable, and that a professional spa and salon goes through them like wildfire. That’s because they’re so tough and versatile.

ISPA Conference & Expo


The word “reveal” carries with it a certain cachet. Whether you’re revealing a new product or a new service, it’s easy to get pumped up when “reveal” is involved. So we’re obviously excited to be featured prominently in ISPA’s April Reveal Box for spa professionals.


Calling All Entries: You Can Create The Next Great Intrinsics Product

At Intrinsics, we love the saying “Innovation breeds success.” We’re also fans of the axiom “The customer is always right.” So in honor of our New Product Contest and these two fundamental truths, we’ve created a fantastic hybrid: “Since our customers are always right, then they can breed successful innovation, too.”

2x2 Cotton Wipes

Large Cotton Wipes: Don’t Hate, Exfoliate

As you know from past posts, we like to live large. That applies to our Large Cotton Wipes, too. Though they come in petite or large sizes, this month we pay homage to the latter, a true staple for most professional spas and salons.

Big Cedar Registration & Lake

Intrinsics Spa Spotlight: Big Cedar Lodge

Tucked deep within the Ozark Mountains, the area Big Cedar Lodge calls home is one of great natural beauty. In other words, if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, then this is the place for you. With origins around the middle of the 20th century, today the resort is poised to open […]