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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is right around the corner and finding the perfect gift for your dad can be difficult.

We’re here to help! Every dad deserves some time for self care, so why not book a facial or a trip to the barbershop for him?

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Summer Prep: Waxing

intrinsics summer prep

Summer is on its way! That means swimsuit shopping, planning vacations, and breaking out that new pair of sandals.

Amongst all this summer excitement, what’s first on our to-do list?

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REVIEW: The Best Facial Cotton: Intrinsics

This is an unpaid review by blogger Heather of 

Check out her Instagram for more original posts, photos, and reviews. 

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Give A Little Love This Christmas


It’s almost Christmas and you’re wondering what would make a great gift for your clients.

We’ve got your answer all wrapped up in one cute little package: Intrinsics pink heart-shaped cellulose sponges!

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How to Match Your Eyebrows with Your Face Shape

The shape of your face is just as unique as you are, therefore the shape of your eyebrows should be tailored especially to you.

Before you pick up the tweezers, take this helpful advice into account when shaping your brows.

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The Best Cleansing Towel for Wax Treatments


Have you been searching for the perfect cleansing towel to use during wax treatments?

Whether you do your own waxing or visit a professional at your favorite salon, we can all agree that choosing the right cleansing product for before-and-after care is vital.

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Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Pumpkin Apple Face Mask

Fall is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome the season into our beauty routine. This Pumpkin Apple Face mask (courtesy of Hello Glow), used with our facial gauze mask, is the perfect way to give your skin a little extra boost to help prepare for all of your fall activities.

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Can Esthetic Wipes Create the Perfect Facial?

Skincare routines have grown increasingly complex over the years.  The beauty industry and its consumers understand that skin needs a variety of treatments to maintain that youthful glow. For example, not only have toners been added into the multi-step skincare regimen, but there are different types to target specific areas of concern. There are moisturizers for dry skin, cleansers for oily skin, and thousands of different serums.

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The Benefits of Natural Botanicals

The 25 Count Cleansing Cloth

Have you ever used a face wipe only to feel like you need to wash your face again? Yeah, us too. Fortunately, our Gentle Cleansing Towels don’t do that.

Gentle Cleansing Towel

One reason: natural botanicals.

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Why Intrinsics Cotton? The Difference is in the Details

Every salon and spa uses some form of single-use products in daily tasks. Whether it’s cotton balls, wipes, or a different product, you’ve quickly come to realize that some are better than others. Maybe one leaves little lint balls behind or one soaked up product before you could even get it to your client’s face.

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Spotlight on Marlo Beauty Supply

In an effort to help our customers understand more about Intrinsics, we thought that highlighting some of the wonderful people we work with would be a great way to give you an insider look. Below, Ingmar Korstanje, President of Marlo Beauty Supply, talks about our long partnership, changes in the beauty industry, and company values in this month's interview. Enjoy!

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Apply, Remove, Exfoliate: Choosing the Right Disposable Wipes

Intrinsics regimen for disposable wipes

When it comes to facials, body treatments, and waxing, it's never a good idea to use one type of disposable esthetic wipe to apply, remove, or exfoliate. Intrinsics has specific disposable wipes that work best for each of these three esthetic treatments, and using the correct product can save you time and money, too. For example, 100% cotton wipes are more absorbent, so why would you use this wipe to apply products to a client's skin? Using cotton wipes for removal makes far more sense, simply based on the product's absorbency. Today we'll walk you through each step of our suggested regimen, and explain how we've color-coded our wipes so you can make the right choice for each esthetic treatment you are performing. Read the rest of this entry »

The Truth About Single-Use Products

brow waxing strips

When you first hear the term "single-use," it obviously seems wasteful, at least on paper. While it's no secret that modern life leads to significant waste, certain scenarios demand a product that can only be used once. As painful as it may be to contribute to our ever-growing landfills, the cost of business typically leads to some form of waste. Read the rest of this entry »

Where Did Intrinsics Esthetic Wipes Go?

Cotton Wipes

Lately, a popular question we've been asked is what happened to our Esthetic Wipes, which have always been a fan favorite. Have no fear; technically, they haven't gone anywhere at all. They just have a new look.

Whether you're a distributor, a salon owner, or an esthetician, you've probably noticed some packaging changes from us over the past year. This effort had a simple goal: to accommodate some small name changes, and to make it easier for our customers to differentiate between our products. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Find Intrinsics Products

Intrinsics Salon Products

While many of our longstanding customers know where to find our professional spa and salon supplies, it's come to our attention that many of our newer customers might not. Of course, you might have just stumbled across this blog post in cyberspace and this is the first time you're even hearing about us. No matter your Intrinsics exposure, today we'll touch on the simple ways to find our products.

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NABBA Recap 2015

Last month, Sales & Marketing Director Dave Albers along with 155 barbers, barber shop owners, barber board members, cosmetologists, and barber school instructors –attended the National Association of Barber Boards of America (NABBA) 89th annual conference in Phoenix. Currently, 440,000 barbers work in 41,340 barber shops across the US, amounting to one barber for every 840 people in the country.

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Alternative Uses for Cotton-Tipped Applicators

single cotton swabs

Recently Elizabeth, one of our customer service reps, stumbled across this great article in entitled "25 Life-Changing Ways to Use Q-Tips," and shared it with the entire staff here at Intrinsics. Honestly, we were stunned at some of these brilliant ideas, which focused on slick beauty tips as well as cleaning and storage uses. After some internal deliberation, we decided on our five favorite alternative uses, which you'll find below.

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Premier Recap

As many of our loyal readers already know, Premiere Orlando/Premiere DAYSPA® is a tradeshow for the professional beauty industry, one where licensed professionals connect with manufacturers and distributors of hair, nail, and skin care products. But maybe you didn't know that it's actually the largest beauty show in the United States. With over 650 classes offered and close to 800 exhibiting companies, the show is an annual resource for discovering all kinds of crazy new stuff, ranging from techniques to trends to products. That's why we love it so, so much, and why we're so, so excited to participate every year. Read the rest of this entry »

June Promotions: Prep Clients for Beach Time

With June comes the official start of summer. And summer is one of the busiest times of the year for estheticians, as clients are heavily reliant on you to make them beach-ready. Mani/Pedi? Check. Wax job? Check. Skin prepped for sun? Check. Without the spa and salon industry, things would be dire out there. There's a reason beautification is big business. (No offense, general public.) Read the rest of this entry »